29 November 2016
Inpeco protagonista al Convegno Unipol su White Economy tra i casi imprenditoriali
Il presidente Pedrazzini illustra il Total Patient Management (TPM) quale esempio di energia privata a servizio di nuovi modelli di welfare

17 October 2016
ProTube on show in New Orleans>>

13 October 2016
Inpeco SpA, one of the key players in the Italian Robotics industry>>

10 September 2016
Total Patient Management officially launched>>

08 September 2016
Inpeco avvia in Sardegna il progetto Total Patient Management, con la collaborazione di Regione, CRS4 e Microsoft>>

08 August 2016
Inpeco with its own booth at the 68th AACC Lab Expo>>

30 May 2016
Inpeco’s interconnected automation as IoT case study
Inpeco’s interconnected automation as IoT case study

14 March 2016
Availability of FlexLab connectivity to RR Mechatronics StaRRsed TL analyzer.>>

10 March 2016
Trinity Biotech Premier Hb9210 for HbA1c testing now available on FlexLab.>>

29 December 2015
ProTube efficacy is now clinically proven>>

26 October 2015
Inpeco is attending at the Job Forum in Turin on the 29th October.>>

09 October 2015
High technology, Inpeco and Region Sardinia towards a Memorandum of Understanding.>>

16 September 2015
ProTube - First commercial installation>>

11 September 2015
Inpeco expands FlexLab connectivity to RR Mechatronics Starrsed TL Analyzer.>>

27 August 2015
Abbott’s 2015 Innovation Award>>

28 July 2015
Automation leaders Siemens and Inpeco extend long-term partnership>>

27 July 2015
Happy Birthday Inpeco>>

27 July 2015
Connection of Capillarys 3 TERA TLA Analyzer>>

15 June 2015
Inpeco NA>>

15 June 2015
Announcement of 1000th automation system >>

17 October 2014
Trinity Biotech and Inpeco have entered into an agreement to connect Trinity’s Premier Hb9210 TM Analyzer to Inpeco’s Total Lab Automation System>>

02 October 2014
Inpeco, Siemens and Quest Diagnostics join forces to build the Lab of the Future>>

15 April 2014
FlexLab on Cap Today>>
FlexLab on Cap Today

15 April 2014
Inpeco on START 2.0 magazine>>

09 December 2013
Download the presentations of the workshop ‘Automation in Healthcare’ at the National Congress SIMeL 2013>>

07 October 2013
Inpeco takes part in SDA Bocconi Workshop - 10/10/2013
SDA Bocconi Workshop - 10th October

Workshop SDA Bocconi

01 October 2013
Connection between Pneumatic Tube Transportation and FlexLab installed in Cagliari (Italy)
The new Pneumatic Mail module

25 September 2013
Inpeco takes part in the National Congress SIMeL 2013
Workshop "Automation in healthcare" - 9th October

SIMeL 2013

13 September 2013
AUDAX system for MD lab
The Inpeco Molecular Biology team has successfully completed the project Audax.
Inpeco Audax System

26 June 2013
FlexLab in Brazil
Inpeco has just successfully obtained the approval by the Brazilian Ministry of Health (ANVISA) for the product FlexLab 3.6. FlexLab 3.6 is now included in the ANVISA register as a medical device class I.