Terms of privacy
Personal data sent through the Internet without making use of protective procedures can be monitored by third parties. Because of the network structure of the Internet, data sent via the Internet may travel outside of national borders, even when both sender and recipient are in the same country. This makes it possible that data may be sent through a country in which the standards for the protection of privacy are lower than those in the country of residence. Inpeco accepts no responsibility for the security of data during transmission via the Internet.
Inpeco gathers no personal data through this website. In the context of its own communications and promotional activity, Inpeco may send, either via the Internet or through the ordinary mail, communications of an informative, cultural, or commercial nature, only and exclusively to individuals who make explicit requests for the same, through specific forms. In this case, the personal data will be treated and saved in compliance with applicable local law. Inpeco reserves the right to use cookies to obtain non-personal information concerning the use of this website, including the IP address and the number of sessions. These data are gathered exclusively for the purpose of monitoring the use and the performance of the website. Cookies are used to facilitate accessibility within the website.

Data Security
Inpeco transmits and saves electronic data in an environment protected by security devices (firewalls).
Inpeco takes all necessary steps to prevent third parties or those who process services at Inpeco’s request from gaining access to personal data. In accordance with law, Inpeco will reveal personal data to third parties in compliance with regulations or court orders. In cases where the data are saved outside of the user’s country, Inpeco will undertake to ensure sufficient levels of data protection, taking into account the legal and regulatory restrictions and requirement, including those concerning banking secrecy and data security. More information can be found in the Disclaimer section.

The information, products, and services provided on this website are not intended for distribution to, or for the use of individuals or institutions within jurisdictions or countries where such distribution or use are prohibited by local laws or regulations or would oblige the Inpeco to be registered in those jurisdictions or countries.
The individuals or institutions subject to such prohibitions should not access or make use of this website.

Ownership of the Website
This website, www.inpeco.com, (hereinafter referred to as “the website”) is the property of Inpeco, a Swiss corporation with offices in Lugano.
Anyone accessing this website thereby agrees to accept the conditions stated above; otherwise they must leave this website and refrain from using it.

Purpose and Use of This Website
This website is published for purposes of information only. The texts, the information architecture, the information itself, and the opinions contained in the website can be updated or modified at any time without notice.
It is permitted to download or print on paper individual pages of this website, on condition that the source and the warnings concerning copyright and intellectual property are also reproduced with them.
Reproduction, transmission, and the creation of “links” with other websites or the use of this website for public or commercial purposes are prohibited without prior written permission from the Inpeco.

No Warranty of Content
Inpeco takes care to ensure that that the information contained in the website is accurate and current at the time of publication. Nonetheless, Inpeco makes no warranty of any kind that the information contained in the website is ultimately reliable or complete. The information contained in the website is published with no warranty, whether explicit or implicit. Inpeco offers no guarantee against the information being distorted by technical malfunctions. None of the information contained in this website constitutes legal, fiscal, or any other kind of investment advice, nor should it be relied upon to make investments or for any other kind of decision-making. Specific and professional expertise is always required for any investment decision.

Limitation of Responsibility
In no case, including cases of negligence, can Inpeco be considered responsible for damages of any kind.

Links with Other Websites
On this website, connections (links) may be present to other websites. The links are provided only as references for information on subjects that may prove useful to the user. Via the links that may be present on this website, the user may leave Inpeco’s website. Inpeco has no control over the websites linked to its own website, and accepts no responsibility for the content of those websites, nor for the products, services, or other facilities that they may offer. Inpeco does not guarantee that those websites or their contents are free of any issues or demands concerning copyright, trademarks, or other infringements on the rights or others, or that those websites are free of viruses or other forms of infection. There is no guarantee concerning the authenticity of documents on the Internet. Links to websites outside of the Inpeco website do not imply approval or responsibility for the opinions, ideas, products, information, or services provided by those websites, or any declaration concerning the content of those websites. By clicking an outside link, you are interacting with a third-party website, which may exploit any vulnerability of the browser being used to take over the Inpeco session directly from the user’s computer. Inpeco offers no guarantees of any kind that the linked website or any software that may be present in it meet the requirements in effect for content, standards of behavior, reliability, absence of interruptions, timeliness, security, or accuracy.

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