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Announcement of 1000th automation system

June 15th, 2015

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We are proud to announce that the production of our 1,000th automation system is on- going and it will be shipped in few weeks. In the last months the request of Total Lab Automation solutions went up significantly in al geographical areas, with China becoming one of the largest market but also Europe and US showing renovated interest for replacing manual, boring tasks with automation so allowing the staff to focus on activities with higher added value.

Inpeco, close to celebrate its 20th anniversary in Lab automation field, considers the achieved goal only a step towards a broader adoption of advanced technology able to dramatically increase efficiency and traceability so, in a single word, the Quality of the clinical laboratory.

We are deeply grateful to our 1,000 customers and our 2 partners Abbott and Siemens which allowed us to get to this prestigious result.