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Availability of FlexLab connectivity to RR Mechatronics StaRRsed TL analyzer

March 14th, 2016

Lugano, 14 March 2016 - Inpeco is pleased to announce the availability of this connection of the recently released StaRRsed TL with FlexLab® automation.
Completed in few months (the development was started last November), the new connection offers the highest capacity Westergren ESR tests with a very small footprint.

After picking tubes directly from the connected FlexLab®, StaRRsed TL mixes, aspirates and analyze the sample which is then returned to the automation.
With this last release, Inpeco shows its continuous commitment to further enhance the openness of its solutions of total laboratory automation, integrating the ultimate technology available and extending the range of tests that can be automatically run onboard.

As part of our Total Laboratory automation philosophy we go beyond the serum area, integrating, among the others specialties, hematology, including in addition to CBC also HbA1c and ESR which can be run in full automation without any operator intervention from the load to the disposal of the tubes.