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High technology, Inpeco and Region Sardinia towards a Memorandum of Understanding

September 30th, 2015

Since 2009 Inpeco Group has started to collaborate with the Region Sardinia constituting at the Science and Technology Research Park in Pula, an important garrison in order to develop new solutions in the areas of the core business.

The Vice President of the Region Sardinia, Raffaele Paci, visited the Inpeco Group plant in Val della Torre (Turin) on the 30th of September, received from the president and founder Gian Andrea Pedrazzini and his executive staff.

Hospital Brotzu in Cagliari is operating the first and only machine in the world produced by Inpeco for integrating pneumatic tube in the automation system, thereby allowing the transfer and the process of the sample tubes containing biological fluids - blood, urine, etc. - from hospital wards to the central laboratory without any human intervention.

Objectives of the Protocol, that is gradually taking shape with the region, are to ensure an exclusive service to Sardinian citizens, improving their quality of life, promote new jobs in the area and attract new investors from abroad.