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Total Laboratory Automation (TLA) is the most advanced solution for improving traceability and efficiency of a Clinical Laboratory; it refers to the whole of sample processing, from the beginning of the workflow inside the lab (check-in) to the end (disposing), including any step in pre-analytical, analytical and post-analytical phases.  
TLA solutions enable a fully traceable, reproducible and standardized sample processing, for most of the tubes and specialties in the Clinical Laboratory.

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“I was already familiar with Task Targeted Automation but I soon realized that a Total Laboratory Automation was the only way to achieve the best quality whilst increasing the workload” - dr. G. de Sousa, Lisbon (Portugal)

Inpeco TLA is the unparalleled benchmark for Total Laboratory Automation, thanks to its complete portfolio of modules and extensive connectivity to various vendors’ analyzers. 

We have a long track record of customized solutions and have built our know-how over more than twenty years of engagement with lab managers worldwide.

Worldwide Reach

Inpeco solutions are automating labs around the world, across all continents. More than 1,300 sites are currently using Inpeco solutions to automate and streamline their workflows.

FlexLab is the trademark name for our Total Laboratory Automation (TLA) system that automates the whole Clinical Lab workflow and that has been conceived and developed to give our customers the freedom to choose the analyzers they prefer to connect and to extend the TLA to the largest portion of samples received by the clinical lab.

Main Features

FlexLab is OPEN: its architecture allows to connect the most common analyzers, by different vendors and pertaining to different specialties. 

FlexLab is MODULAR: it offers a full range of modules, in pre and post analytical phases; it can connect multiple units of the same module and device, without any limitation and allowing independence of each module.

FlexLab is SCALABLE: the track can grow with your lab, allowing add-ons of new modules and new connections with analyzers.

FlexLab is FAST: its tracks are suitable for high volumes, up to several thousands of tubes per hour.

What are the benefits for your lab?

FlexLab guarantees full traceability of the workflow for every single tube and allows for predictable Turn-Around-Time (TAT), also providing the possibility of adjusting it. By streamlining the Lab processes, FlexLab leads to more efficient resources allocation (no batches) and reduces the number of sample/aliquots per patient.

  • Data Management Software

Data Management Software

The Inpeco DMS (Data Management Software) solution can be connected to the lab’s existing informatics structure and can communicate with up to 50 different analyzer classes from the major diagnostics manufacturers, with the LIS and with the automation systems of single or multiple locations.

What you can do with Inpeco DMS:

  • look up patient and QC results by using a wide variety of available filters
  • take full control of the automation track and module line-up thanks to the smart Integrated User Interface (IUI).
  • easily define the laboratory’s verification criteria and automatically apply them.
  • enable advanced workflows such as priority testing, batch testing and automatic Quality Controls

Integrations by Manufacturers

Our FlexLab is currently integrated with a wide range of analyzers, by various manufacturers. 
If you want to discover more, click on the logo and a list of available connctions will open at the bottom of the screen.

Please note that analyzers availability may vary by country, depending on the manufacturer's commercial policies.

TRADEMARKS: Inpeco®, FlexLab® and ProTube® are registered trademarks of Inpeco SA. All other products or name brands are trademarks of their respective holders.

Optimizing Laboratory efficiency is a challanging task; at Inpeco we know very well the various implications and the typical workflow of Clinical labs. We have built our expertise through twenty years of collaborations in a wide range of labs, in all continents.
This is why we offer an experienced consultancy service to assist our clients in designing the most suitable solutions that can evolve with your needs, so that your investment of today can be leveraged tomorrow, as well.

Commitment to Excellence

The installation of the automation system in your laboratory is just the beginning of our commitment to helping you get the most out of your investment. Inpeco provides more than just the product; we want to serve a vital role in your ongoing success.
From day one, we are fully dedicated to providing excellent customer technical support and instrument service for your laboratory to maintain highest efficiency and optimal performance. We can assist labs in:

  • Sample processing analysis 
  • Laboratory layout evaluation 
  • Design of the integrated solution 
  • Workflow simulation 
  • Return on Investment (ROI) assessment 
  • Organizational impact assessment