Patient Identification

Patient Identification

Positive patient id without compromise

Reliable results and quality begin at the collection point, where every test originates, where we meet the patient and most of the identification risks can occur.

Here, Positive Patient Identification (PPID) is key to guaranteeing right results; failure in patient identification may lead to catastrophic results, especially in case of unconscious patients and/or in emergency situations.

Discover Inpeco solutions for this phase

Inpeco desktop solution for assisting the phlebotomist in the drawing phase, checking PPID, ensuring the right label is perfectly applied on the right tube associated to the test and that the process is safely assisted. Ideal for drawing centers.
The benefits of ProTube assisting during the collection process, everywhere, anytime. A light handy device that assess PPID and provides printed labels through a light and compact printer. Ideal for small clinics or remote collections.
The complete Station solution, mounted on a smart cart, to bring the benefits of a safe collection point at patients’ bedside. Ideal for ICU and hospital detached specialties.