25 Years of Excellence: Ricardo Tassi’s Success Story

Recognizing a Journey Filled with Dedication, Growth, and Impact

1. How were you made aware of Inpeco and why did you join the company?

The occasion I got to know about Inpeco is quite unusual and bizarre. In October 1996, I was about to begin my thesis work at a well-known university in Milan. However, for several weeks, I had been in contact with a prominent professor, but the topic of the thesis had not yet been finalized. During this time, I had been photocopying journals, reading books, and exploring new software while waiting for the professor to decide on the thesis topic.

One day, as I was photocopying another handout, a nervous student approached me. He made sure no one was watching us and advised me to find another solution immediately because he was certain I was wasting my time. He mentioned that a small company on the outskirts of Milan was looking for a thesis student for a laboratory diagnostic automation project. He gave me Inpeco’s phone number, and I immediately contacted them. It was during that call, that I recognized that I had found the right place for my thesis work.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the contact information of the student who introduced me to Inpeco. However, I have to thank him because he allowed me to be in the right place, at the right time!

2.Can you take us on a journey through your 25 years with the Inpeco? What are some of the key milestones and memorable moments from your career here?

When I joined Inpeco, the company had only five employees and had just moved from an apartment in Milan 2, to a significantly larger building. Given the company’s current headcount of over 700 employees, it’s evident that the organization has undergone numerous changes over time.

I like to see Inpeco’s journey consisting of three important periods. The first, in which projects were almost prototypical, colleagues were few, and significant projects were developed from scratch. The second period was when the company began to structure itself, build all the necessary departments and establish strong relationships with the major IVD vendors. Finally, the third period is the current one, where the company has achieved a global customer base, is a leader in its industry, and is on a mission to further expand its global market presence.

The turning point in my journey here occurred when I joined the After-Sales Service team. It was a great opportunity because it allowed me to travel to many areas, interact with diverse cultures and be more in touch with clients.

3. What advice would you give to someone starting their career in this company today, based on your extensive experience and success within the organization?

My advice is to be curious, not only about your own role, but also about the work of other teams. Inpeco offers its employees the opportunity to explore and pursue new career paths within the organization, and it’s a great plus.

4. Can you share a special memory or an anecdote from your time with the company that truly encapsulates your journey and the culture here?

Now that I have reached the important milestone of 25 years at Inpeco, I have realized that the environment in which I work is like a family. In fact, when the announcement of my 25th working years was published on the company channel, many colleagues contacted me or stopped me in the corridors, complimenting me and reminiscing with me about anecdotes from times gone by. These demonstrations of closeness have shown me that in these long 25 years I have always had not only colleagues alongside me, but humanly fantastic people who themselves appreciated the time spent together.

5.  Is there a particular achievement or project that you are especially proud of?

The moments of my greatest satisfaction were during the early years, when we showcased our first products at trade shows and pioneered automation in the industry. It was a such a great pleasure to introduce them! I still remember the pride I felt, since I had partially developed these avant-garde products with a team of young IT professionals.

6. What does Inpeco mean to you?

Having developed my thesis at Inpeco and worked exclusively here, it’s obvious that I have special feelings for this company. I spent my entire professional life at four different company locations, so Inpeco is a second home to me in every sense.