Sample validation

Sample validation

Make sure your tubes and labels are perfect

To meet quality requirements and obtain certifications, blood drawing centers are becoming more and more aware of being compliant with Quality & Compliance standards. Since the collection stage is scattered over the territory and thus separated from the processing stage, checking the collected material before proceeding further is key.

In this phase, phlebotomists must assess that all samples have been collected: each barcode is scanned and the collection time should be recorded. It is also critical to validate adequate volumes with the patient present, to avoid recalling that patient and impacting on the center’s reputation. Eventually, specimens must be prepared for efficient transportation and lab check-in.

Learn about Inpeco solutions for this phase

Inpeco's solution for assisting phlebotomists in the draw phase, assessing correct Patient ID and selecting the right tube, applying labels perfectly, checking for correct blood volume, recording collection time and conditions.
Also available for point-of-care collection.