Creating a healthier tomorrow, today.

We build automation systems to improve healthcare, enabling people to live longer. We do this with passion and precision, following a patient-centric vision.

Lab Automation System

Open automation, packed with innovation.

Why Lab Automation?

Is your clinical lab challenged to do more with less? Then automation is the answer.

Our Automation Solutions

By efficiently managing sample and data workflows during blood collection and clinical lab testing, our unique solutions improve healthcare outcomes.

Automation Software

Automation Software

A web-based software platform designed to help optimize laboratory processes, providing leading indicators, powerful control tools, and identifying critical issues.
Sample Collection

Sample Collection

The ProTube™ Suite is a cutting-edge automation solution for blood drawing sites, which delivers 100% sample traceability for improved sample quality.
Lab Automation System

Lab Automation System

FlexLab™ is the only truly open Total Laboratory Automation system that enables laboratories of any size to connect the analyzers of their choice and the specialties they need.
Anatomical Pathology small

Anatomical Pathology

Inpeco offers a complete traceability and automation solution for the workflow of anatomical pathology specimens, from point of collection to final diagnosis and storage.

Creating a healthier tomorrow, today.

We build automation systems to improve healthcare, enabling people to live longer. We do this with passion and precision, following a patient-centric vision.

Creating a healthier tomorrow, today.

Creating a healthier tomorrow, today.

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Knowledge Hub

Discover automation in healthcare. Explore our case studies, testimonials, articles and much more.
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People who make a difference

Innovation is our inspiration

Innovation is our DNA. This applies not only to the automation solutions we offer on the market, but also to our investment in R&D, to modernizing our organization, and to improve our employees’ experiences.

People who make a difference

People who make a difference

Collaboration across teams shapes us into what we are, generates ground-breaking ideas and is essential to achieving our goals.

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Lab Automation Impact

Automation can increase productivity, reduce costs, and support test result quality. Is it not time to change your lab game?

decrease headcount cost¹
reduction of timing for test results²
increase in overall number of tests²
shorter sample collection time³

1) Clinical laboratory automation: a case study, Claudia Archetti, 1 Alessandro Montanelli, 2 Dario Finazzi, 1 Luigi Caimi, 2,3 Emirena Garrafa 2,3 | Journal of Public Health Research 2017; volume 6:881; 2) Evaluation of the impact of a total automation system in a large core laboratory on turnaround time – Amy H. Lou, Manal O. Elnenaei, Irene Sadek, Shauna Thompson, Bryan D. Crocker, Bassam Nassar | Clinical Biochemistry 49 (2016) 1254-1258; 3) Piva Elisa, Tosato Francesca, Plebani Mario, Pre-analytical phase: Automated ProTube device supports quality assurance in the phlebotomy process, Clinica Chimica Acta (2015)

Total Testing Process

The test tube’s journey, from collection to result.
Inpeco’s uniqueness comes from its expertise in automating and tracking the whole sampling process, before and after samples reach a clinical laboratory.

Before the lab
Inside the lab
Icone TTP   0
Patient Identification
Icone TTP – 1
Sample Preparation
Icone TTP – 2
Sample Validation
Icone TTP – 3
Sample Transportation
Check-In & Sorting
Pre-Analytical Tasks
Sample Analysis
Post-Analytical Tasks

Positive Patient ID without compromises

Reliable results and quality begin at the collection point, the origin of every test sample, where we meet the patient and most of the identification risk events occur.

Here, Positive Patient Identification (PPID) is key to guaranteeing correct results. Failures in patient identification can cause catastrophic results, especially in emergency situations and/or if patients are unconscious.

The critical steps where mistakes occur

The most error-prone steps are performed outside clinical labs. Outreach centers with differing phlebotomy and staff training and the variability in collection materials and procedures affect the overall collection quality; 65% of clinical lab errors happen in this phase*.

Selecting blood collection tubes by type and color, correct labeling, draw order and tracking patient pre-collection conditions (e.g., fasting) are key points; also complex tests (e.g., glucose curves) need extra resources.

*Carraro, Plebani – Errors in a stat laboratory: types and frequencies 10 years later. Clin Chem. 2007 Jul

Ensuring tubes and labels are perfect

For quality requirements and certification purposes, health centers are increasingly compliant with Quality & Compliance standards. Blood collection and processing occur in separate locations, so all materials must be checked before proceeding.

Phlebotomists scan all barcodes and record the collection time. Patients must be present during volume checks, to avoid patient recalls, which damage the center’s reputation. Specimens are then prepared for efficient transportation and lab check-in.

The critical gap in the chain of custody

It is globally acknowledged that transport conditions may affect sample integrity and usability, especially when samples are collected from many different centers, which considerably increases the logistic challenges. Tracking tubes is therefore critical for process transparency and control. This is the focus of quality and regulatory requirements, which are becoming more demanding in terms of chain-of-custody certification.

Real-time tracking of transport can deliver predictive data to the Lab (anticipate delivery time and work volumes), thus enabling it to proactively organize its workflow.

The sample arrives in the laboratory

Once samples arrive in the lab, they are unpacked and checked in to the Laboratory Information System via a barcode reader. Depending on the testing they require, the blood specimens will be sorted and loaded on the Laboratory Automation System one by one or through dedicated racks, for further processing.

From sample check-in to the analyzers

Managing specimens from check-in to the right analyzer includes time-consuming, low-complexity, routine tasks that may expose lab professionals to contamination risks. Sorting the tubes onto the right test line, centrifuging those that need serum separation, de-capping, aliquoting samples for multiple test lines – these are just a few of the recurring tasks where missing a tube is a risk.

Robotic automation of the most common pre-analytical tasks can preserve safety and save time for professionals, who can invest it in more qualitative tasks.

Total Lab Automation solutions at their best

Integrating the various lab specialties and their analyzers is key for chain-of-custody integrity. A seamless track linking multiple specialties improves the test total Turnaround Time and has indirect economic benefits on professional resources.

In modern labs, more samples and available tests mean the silos organization (each specialty is an ‘island’, detached from a core track) can no longer sustain the pressure of improving throughputs.

Linking multiple specialties to one track reduces the diagnosis completion time, allows labs to perform more tests and maintains high quality standards.

All the steps after the test is done

Once tests are performed, the test tube’s journey is not over – there are more steps that can benefit from automation and specimen handling by robots. Tubes must be sealed and stored in refrigerated conditions for some days before disposal.

Moreover, the post-examination process needs to ensure that the correct results on the correct patient are entered into the (paper or electronic) medical record. Effective interfaces between hospitals, instruments, middleware or LIS are needed to ensure that the correct test results are recorded in the correct patient record.

Automation Software

Inpeco’s Automation Software manages the entire workflow and transforms data into actionable information, allowing for real time monitoring of automation systems and ensuring full sample traceability. Its intuitive dashboard provides an overview of standardized KPIs, allowing labs to optimize their clinical, operational, and financial performance.

Our Team

Our company is home to different specialists: professionals that know every insight, inside and outside the Laboratory.

“At the beginning of the 1980s, automation inside and outside the Laboratory was largely underdeveloped and mostly utopic. Then Inpeco was born. We designed it, we desired it, we built it. Today, Total Lab Automation is a dream come true.”

Gian Andrea Pedrazzini, Inpeco Founder


“At the beginning of the 1980s, automation inside and outside the Laboratory was largely underdeveloped and mostly utopic. Then Inpeco was born. We designed it, we desired it, we built it. Today, Total Lab Automation is a dream come true.”

Gian Andrea Pedrazzini, Inpeco Founder

Our Business Partners

Partnerships with renowned industry leaders are the key to our success. For over fifteen years, our clinical lab automation solutions have been distributed globally by Siemens Healthineers and Abbott. Becton Dickinson have been the distributors of our POC solutions in Europe since 2019.

Global System Installations

We have manufactured and delivered over 2,300 laboratory automation systems in the world – a milestone in the history of our company, achieved after 30 years of creative engineering and focused commercial execution, making Inpeco the undisputed global leader in Total Laboratory Automation.

map resize DESKTOP map resize DESKTOP

Our Awards

Everything we do, we do it with efficiency, precision, and excellence. A constant commitment to attaining the highest possible quality has earned us many awards.

2019   Burlina Award

Frost Sullivan s Company of the Year

Our Certifications

Our certifications are key elements of our offer to deliver high quality solutions to the market.

Total Testing Process

Our solutions for Clinical Laboratories

Inpeco’s uniqueness comes from its expertise in automating and tracking the whole sampling process, before and after samples reach a Clinical laboratory. The highest quality standards in the laboratory can be affected by a single flawed tube entering through the doors. Our Automation and traceability solutions can create a seamless and touchless link throughout all diagnostic steps, from collection to results, delivering unparalleled control over every phase of the process.

The test tube’s journey, from collection to result.

01 1
Workflow Analysis

From Your Data to Your Design

  • We analyze your current state workflow, identify pain points and define future status requirements and KPIs.
  • We deliver insights analyzing historic IT and LIS data.
  • Working closely with you, we define the project scope and the desired future workflow, TAT, and productivity.
02 1
Automation Design

Custom Automation Designed with You

  • Our Layout Drawing Team provides several technical design proposals for your future lab.
  • All options are reviewed and fine-tuned with you to create your final design.
  • Final design options are challenged against your growth and performance objectives via mathematical simulation modeling, to ensure your automation solution meets your operational KPIs even in the busiest periods.
03 1

A Custom Fit to Your Timelines and Project Goals

  • Together with you, our Customer Solutions Team will define an Implementation Plan, which will include installation, training, change management and support.
  • A dedicated Inpeco team will support your team on site to achieve the performance improvements and KPIs defined by your lab.

Lab Analyzer Connections

FlexLabTM is currently integrated with a wide range of analyzers by various manufacturers. Please note that the option of integration may vary by country, depending on the manufacturer’s commercial policies.

Product Line
Manufacturer Analyzer Speciality Product Line
Abbott Architect c8000/c16000 Clinical Chemistry STD / HT
Abbott Architect i2000sr Immunoassay STD / HT
Abbott Alinity s Plasma and blood screening STD
Abbott Alinity h Hematology STD / HT
Abbott Alinity ci-series Immuno-Clinical Chemistry STD / HT

Our Open Positions


Apply to one of our job openings and build your own story here at Inpeco. Become one of us and shape the future of healthcare.

illustration events orange


May 21-25, 2023

2023 Worldlab - Euromedlab, Rome, IT

June 12, 2023

Axlab - Anatomical Pathology, Copenhagen

July 23-27, 2023

2023 AACC, Anaheim, CA, USA

September 8-12, 2023

2023 National Society for Histotechnology Annual Convention, Baltimore, MD, USA

Lab Automation Impact

Clinical labs must daily do more with less. Automation is how to increase clinical, operational and financial performance.

Clinical labs are facing daily challenges, such as:

icone sito Growing testing volumes

Growing testing volumes

icone sito Pressure to expedite TAT Pressure to expedite TAT Pressure to expedite TAT

Pressure to expedite TAT

icone sito Shortage

Shortage of laboratory professionals

icone sito Growing testing volumes

Improving clinical and financial performance

Automation is a compelling solution to cope with these demands, as it increases your lab’s productivity, reduces costs, and improves the quality of your test results – for unparalleled peace of mind.

Inpeco designs cutting-edge Total Lab Automation solutions tailored to your needs, with a long-lasting impact on your lab:

  • Quality: accurate, fully traceable results you can trust
  • Speed: test results with shorter, more predictable TAT
  • Productivity: higher throughput, even in peak situations
  • Cost: lower labor cost per test, staff can be focused on the most value-adding tasks
  • Safety: reduces manual errors and contamination risks

By enhancing the performance of clinical labs, automation ultimately contributes to better patient outcomes.

Interested in how automation can change your lab game? Watch our video.

The full FlexLab workflow in 90 sec



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Phone: +41 91 9118.200

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Check in/out Modules

A variety of modules at check in points, processing various test tube types simultaneously.

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Check In Out Module

Pre-analytical Modules

Over 10 modules and a powerful lab software that automates every task in clinical labs.

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Pre Analytical Module

Post-analytical Modules

A seamless combination of retrieving, recapping, storing, and disposing tasks.

Post Analytical Module

Lab Analyzer Connections

A wide range of analyzer connections for over 10 clinical specialties provided by various IVD vendors – and the number is continuously growing.

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Lab Analyzer Connections

Creating a healthier tomorrow, today.

We build automation systems to improve healthcare, enabling people to live longer. We do this with passion and precision, following a patient-centric vision.

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