The Inpeco solution for any size labs

FlexLab is the proprietary Inpeco brand for the automation solution dedicated to Labs of any size, also with very complex settings. It is composed by many pre- and post-analytical modules, on top of an ever-improving suite of connections with analyzers of various manufacturers, for multiple specialties.

FlexLab has recently evolved to accommodate intensive throughputs, those that can be found in mega Labs, where production workflows need to operate up to 10.000 tubes/hour.

The FlexLab high throughput (HT) solution for sites with extremely high workload also offers the possibility of transferring tubes across different floors (for labs that need to run the process at different floors in vertical buildings) and a unique capacity refrigerated storage, where more than half a million tubes can be stored.

Key Features

  • 50+ analyzers connections available
  • 20+ modules automating for pre- and post-analyical phases
  • 7 clinical specialties connectable onto one single track
  • 3rd generation evolution of Total Lab Automation system
  • Possibility of retrieving tubes in few minutes, wherever they are

What makes FlexLab unique in its kind

Inpeco has been building its expertise over decades, in more than 60 counties of the world and with labs of any size and kind.
Today, FlexLab represents the most open solution for connecting the various Lab specialties, with analyzers of over 20 manufacturers, and for many Lab specialties, thus securing the investment as your lab needs evolve in time and in size. The suite of modules continues to grow as well, and new advanced solutions keep being introduced: the Vertical Transportation Module, the High Volume Storage, the Liquid Handling Robot, just to mention the latest ones.

Consultant ability for the most complex projects

Inpeco team is fully committed to work with the client and design the best Automation solution, given the specific, location constraints that every lab has. At Inpeco we know thoroughly the various implications and the typical workflow of Clinical labs: we provide more than just the product, we want to let you take the most out of it. Our expert can support labs in sample processing analysis, layout evaluation, design of the integrated solution, workflow simulation, return on Investment (ROI) assessment, organizational impact assessment.

Frost &Sullivan's 2018 Company of the Year

Frost & Sullivan recognizes Inpeco with the 2018 Global Company of the Year Award - in the Clinical Laboratory Automation category - for designing, implementing, and integrating world-class total laboratory automation (TLA) solutions.
In the motivations for the award, F&S notes that the company’s uniquely comprehensive FlexLab™ solution for the TLA market combines unparalleled technological sophistication and expertise to address automation bottlenecks effectively.

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