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Sample Collection

Pre-Pre-Analytics you can count on

The ProTubeTM Suite for outside the lab is designed to improve the pre-pre-analytical phase – delivering 100% process traceability for improved sample quality.

Modern medicine has evolved in the direction where clinical decisions are based on the information provided by clinical laboratories. Lab results have a crucial impact on patient diagnosis, treatment and health management. To achieve high quality results, it is crucial to have high quality samples: properly identified and matched with the right patient, correctly labeled and transported in the right conditions.

The entire pre-pre-analytical process must be fully controlled, and every step must be traced.

ProTube™ Suite is a complete solution portfolio developed to support the quality of incoming samples (from sample preparation in different environments to sample transportation and delivery to a Clinical Laboratory), which includes a powerful Software platform to control and manage the entire pre-pre-analytical process.


icone sito Reduction of human error

Reduction of human error

icone sito Standardization of the pre analytical phase

Standardization of the pre-pre-analytical phase

icone sito Full sample traceability

Full sample traceability

icone sito Facilitates compliance with international guidelines

Facilitates compliance with international guidelines

The best tailored pre-pre-analytical solution can be designed and configured with the various components of the product suite:

ProTube Station Product in a clinical lab

ProTube™ Station

Compact desktop solution for sample collection. Guides through every step of the collection process and guarantees “Lab-ready” samples thanks to automated tube labeling.

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ProTube Mobile Product

ProTube™ Mobile

Portable solution for point-of-care collection. Providing secure and traceable results, it guides phlebotomists through the sample collection process.

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ProTube Transport   Nurse is picking up a box with samples

ProTube™ Transport

Smart solution developed to establish the critical link between the collection point and the laboratory, making the sample transportation phase fully traceable.

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ProTube Analytix   Tablet with a dashboard

ProTube™ Analytix

Powerful Business Intelligence platform which collects data from all ProTube™ devices and enables full control of the pre-analytical phase. Equipped with intuitive reporting dashboard.

Combined, Inpeco’s products offer open system automation with full sample traceability across the Total Testing Process – delivering validated test results and increased productivity.
ProTube™, our automation solution for specimen collection, covers all phases “before the lab”.

Before the lab
Inside the lab
Icone TTP   0
Patient Identification
Icone TTP – 1
Sample Preparation
Icone TTP – 2
Sample Validation
Icone TTP – 3
Sample Transportation
Check-In & Sorting
Pre-Analytical Tasks
Sample Analysis
Post-Analytical Tasks