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Lab Automation Impact

Clinical labs must daily do more with less. Automation is how to increase clinical, operational and financial performance.

Clinical labs are facing daily challenges, such as:

icone sito Growing testing volumes

Growing testing volumes

icone sito Pressure to expedite TAT Pressure to expedite TAT Pressure to expedite TAT

Pressure to expedite TAT

icone sito Shortage

Shortage of laboratory professionals

icone sito Improving clinical and financial performance

Improving clinical and financial performance

Automation is a compelling solution to cope with these demands, as it increases your lab’s productivity, reduces costs, and improves the quality of your test results.

Inpeco designs cutting-edge Total Lab Automation solutions tailored to your needs, with a long-lasting impact on your lab:

  • Quality: accurate, fully traceable results you can trust
  • Speed: test results with shorter, more predictable TAT
  • Productivity: higher throughput, even in peak situations
  • Cost: lower labor cost per test, staff can be focused on the most value-adding tasks
  • Safety: reduces manual errors and contamination risks

By enhancing the performance of clinical labs, automation ultimately contributes to better patient outcomes.

Interested in how automation can change your lab game? Watch our video.

The full FlexLab workflow in 90 sec