Our Automation Solutions

We at Inpeco improve healthcare with our automation solutions to efficiently manage sample and data workflows.

Automation Software

Inpeco’s Automation Software manages the entire workflow and transforms data into actionable information, allowing for real time monitoring of automation systems and ensuring full sample traceability. Its intuitive dashboard provides an overview of standardized KPIs, allowing labs to optimize their clinical, operational, and financial performance.

Sample Collection

A solution portfolio that combines the power of automation with the security of traceability, designed to improve your pre-analytical phase and support premium quality test results in your lab. The ProTube™ Suite covers all processes, from sample preparation in different environments to sample transportation and delivery to the Clinical Laboratory.

Lab Automation System

The Total Lab Automation system represents the most open solution equipped with the largest product portfolio in the market. It is composed of more than 30 pre- and post-analytical modules, over 50 analyzer connections from more than 10 different specialties, which allow clinical laboratories to connect the best-of-breed analyzers of their choice.

Anatomical Pathology 

The current diagnostic pathway of a histological specimen is subject to a long and tangled working path, that is not supported by full process automation, nor full sample traceability. We have the solution for a Total Automation of the Histological Diagnostic Process, including Full Traceability, from order to final archiving.