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Lab Automation System

Open automation, packed with innovation

The game-changing, future-proof open system solution that drives premium quality patient care.

Laboratory Managers face the daily challenge of delivering accurate test results in the shortest possible Turn Around Time, increasing productivity, improving quality and motivating their professional staff, whilst complying with regulatory requirements and tight budgets.

FlexLabTM is the only truly open automation system that allows laboratories to connect the analyzers of their choice and the specialties they need.

Equipped with a powerful software to determine the optimal processing path for every single tube, it provides seamless tracking of the identified tube (up to its disposal).

FlexLabTM grows with your needs, at the time you decide and in the way you prefer. Adding modules or new analyzer connections is easy by design.


icone sito Increased

Increased productivity

icone sito Decreased Turn Around Time

Decreased / Standardized Turn Around Time

Better use of lab resource

Better use of lab resources

icone sito Increased walkaway time  Increased walkaway time

Increased walkaway time

FlexLabTM has a suite of robotic modules that can automate all the routine tasks inside the lab, and deliver a safe, speedy, and ‘touchless’ workflow. In addition, Inpeco’s open automation system offers the widest range of components for deeply connected automation.

Availability may vary for each product line; check with your sales representative.

Check in/out Modules

A variety of modules at check in points, processing various test tube types simultaneously.

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Pre-analytical Modules

Over 10 modules and a powerful lab software that automates every task in clinical labs.

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Pre Analytical Module

Post-analytical Modules

A seamless combination of retrieving, recapping, storing, and disposing tasks.

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Post Analytical Module

Lab Analyzer Connections

A wide range of analyzer connections for over 10 clinical specialties provided by various IVD vendors – and the number is continuously growing.

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Lab Analyzer Connections

Cross contamination: The cross-contamination rate for FlexLabTM automation system was determined by testing 11 tube types for a total of 4650 tubes. Runs were performed with positive and negative samples in a checkerboard configuration. All samples were analyzed on the Hologic Panther analyzer. All negative sample were non-reactive, resulting in a cross-contamination rate of 0%.

Combined, Inpeco’s products offer open system automation with full sample traceability across the Total Testing Process – delivering validated test results and increased productivity.
FlexLabTM, our open lab automation system, covers all “inside-the-lab” phases.”.

Before the lab
Inside the lab
Icone TTP   0
Patient Identification
Icone TTP – 1
Sample Preparation
Icone TTP – 2
Sample Validation
Icone TTP – 3
Sample Transportation
Check-In & Sorting
Pre-Analytical Tasks
Sample Analysis
Post-Analytical Tasks


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