Why Lab Automation?

Fewer errors, more productivity: automation delivers peace of mind. And implementation with Inpeco is easier than you think.

Lab Automation Impact

Automation can increase productivity, reduce costs, and support test result quality. Is it not time to change your lab game?

decrease headcount cost¹
reduction of timing for test results²
increase in overall number of tests²
shorter sample collection time³

1) Clinical laboratory automation: a case study, Claudia Archetti, 1 Alessandro Montanelli, 2 Dario Finazzi, 1 Luigi Caimi, 2,3 Emirena Garrafa 2,3 | Journal of Public Health Research 2017; volume 6:881; 2) Evaluation of the impact of a total automation system in a large core laboratory on turnaround time – Amy H. Lou, Manal O. Elnenaei, Irene Sadek, Shauna Thompson, Bryan D. Crocker, Bassam Nassar | Clinical Biochemistry 49 (2016) 1254-1258; 3) Piva Elisa, Tosato Francesca, Plebani Mario, Pre-analytical phase: Automated ProTube device supports quality assurance in the phlebotomy process, Clinica Chimica Acta (2015)

Total Testing Process Security

The test tube’s journey, from collection to result.
Inpeco’s uniqueness comes from its expertise in automating and tracking the whole sampling process, before and after samples reach a clinical laboratory.

Before the lab
Inside the lab
Icone TTP   0
Patient Identification
Icone TTP – 1
Sample Preparation
Icone TTP – 2
Sample Validation
Icone TTP – 3
Sample Transportation
Check-In & Sorting
Pre-Analytical Tasks
Sample Analysis
Post-Analytical Tasks