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ProTube™ Transport

Full traceability from collection to clinical lab

ProTube Transport   Nurse picking up a box of samples

Transportation solution to close the gap between the sample collection point and the laboratory, by ensuring full sample traceability and easy accessioning – for improved efficiency and premium quality lab results.

The accuracy of clinical test results is greatly influenced by the quality of the incoming samples.

The transport of biological samples for laboratory testing is a critical phase, with a growing impact on the quality and safety of the pre-analytical phase. Sample stability can be compromised by exposure to inappropriate temperatures and prolonged transportation times.

ProTube™ Transport establishes the critical link between the collection point and the laboratory. This smart solution features a data logger and traceability tags compatible with *commercial racks and transportation boxes, as well as a fast laboratory check-in station to optimize sample accessioning. Its clever software digitally pairs specimens to a rack and its corresponding box, guaranteeing full sample transportation traceability and chain of custody through the identification of authorized transport couriers. Moreover, the software automatically registers all samples arriving in the lab and checks if transportation conditions were compliant with acceptability criteria to verify sample viability.

* commercial racks and transportation boxes are not included


icone sito Seamless sample traceability copia

Full sample transportation traceability

icone sito Fully integrated transport system

Fully integrated transport system

icone sito Open solution

Open solution

icone sito “On the fly” sample accessioning

“On the fly” sample accessioning


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