Our History



Inpeco is founded in an apartment in Segrate (Milano 2), near the St. Raffaele Hospital, by Gian Andrea Pedrazzini and his wife, Anna Galantini.

1991 - 1994

Exploration phase – collaboration with St. Raffaele Hospital for patient traceability projects.


Inpeco participates in the first AACC (American Association for Clinical Chemistry) trade show in Anaheim, California, exhibiting the first automation system prototype (AccelNet), in partnership with Beckman.


The first global commercial automation system, AccelNet, is manufactured in partnership with Beckman.

The company opens its first office in Segrate.


Inpeco becomes ISO 9001 certified.

The first AccelNet is installed in a hospital in Pesaro, Italy


Inpeco develops the very first automation system with an actual track named Vitros, in partnership with Ortho Clinical diagnostics (OCD) by Johnson and Johnson.


Inpeco starts a collaboration with Dade Behring.

The first Vitros workcell is installed in the St. Raffaele Hospital in Ville Turro, Milan.


Inpeco enters into an exclusive partnership with Dade Behring to bring the StreamLab lab automation system onto the market.

The first open automation system is installed in the Dr. Torres Lab in Porto, Portugal – a Vitros workcell with analyzers from OCD, Abbott and Bayer Diagnostics.

The Olympus OLA400 project starts.


Inpeco builds the first manufacturing site (750m2) in Avigliana, Piedmont (northern Italy).

The first StreamLab automation system is installed in Verona, Italy.


Inpeco moves into a new, 6500m2 manufacturing site in Borgone Susa, Piedmont, Italy.


The original FlexLabTM is installed in the St. Raffaele Hospital in Segrate.


Inpeco enters into a commercial agreement with Abbott Diagnostics for the distribution of the Accelerator APS lab automation system.

The Inpeco Group has 44 employees.


The company counts 150 lab automation systems (StreamLab) installed in 4 continents.

The first Accelerator APS is installed in the Lancet Lab in Johannesburg, South Africa.


Inpeco enters into a commercial agreement with Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics.


Inpeco acquires the Linea3Next IT company to improve its data management.

FlexLabTM, Inpeco’s total laboratory automation system, is born.


Inpeco launches FlexLabTM 3.6 with a flagship installation at the SHL Lab in Breda, Netherlands.


Inpeco opens an office in the Scientific Technological Park in Pula, Sardinia, starting a collaboration with the Center for Advanced Studies, Research and Development (CRS4).

A new FlexLabTM solution is installed in the AML laboratories in Antwerpen, Belgium.

In partnership with Siemens, Inpeco manufactures the Aptio Automation system.


Inpeco moves into a new manufacturing unit in Val della Torre, over 27,000m2 in size, where over 400 people work every day.

The company’s first HQ is opened in Lugano (Switzerland).


In partnership with Abbott Diagnostics, Inpeco manufactures the a3600 Automation system.


The Val della Torre site expands, and develops to digitize and automate processes and workflows.


Inpeco and Siemens Healthineers automate the Quest laboratory in Marlborough, Massachusetts, United States.


Inpeco announces the first commercial installation of the ProTubeTM System inside the “Azienda Ospedaliera Universitaria Senese” and “USL 7 di Siena (P.O. Montepulciano)” facilities.

The Inpeco Group has almost 550 employees across all sites.


Inpeco and the Sardinia Region officially launch the Total Patient Management (TPM) system, during a private meeting at the Region’s headquarters, in Cagliari, with CRS4 and Microsoft.


Inpeco receives the Supplier Excellence Award by Quest Diagnostics, in recognition of its contributions to innovation, speed-to-market and dedication.


Inpeco Recognized by Frost & Sullivan as Company of the Year in the Clinical Laboratory Automation Market.

Inpeco opens its new Swiss Headquarters in Novazzano, Ticino.


Inpeco delivers its 2000th lab automation system to India.

Inpeco expands into America as Inpeco NA Inc.

Inpeco’s ProTube™ Suite is distributed by BD in Europe.


Inpeco Group officially appoints Davide Pedrazzini as CEO.

Inpeco introduces ProTube™ Mobile for error-free and traceable blood collection in remote points of care.


Inpeco launches ProTube™ Transport to make sample transportation fully traceable.

The company launches the world’s first fully automated urinalysis workflow solution in partnership with Sysmex Europe.


Inpeco reveals major brand refresh with redesigned logo and website.

Inpeco launches FlexPath™, the world’s first solutions for complete specimen traceability and process automation of the paraffin block cycle.

Inpeco participates the first time at the European Congress of Pathology, in Basel.


Freedom to operate – Our Automation solutions are now also available DIRECTLY from Inpeco.

Inpeco launches FlexPath™ Move and FlexPath™ Blox, expanding its Anatomical Pathology product portfolio.