Creating a healthier tomorrow, today.


Our Purpose

Improving healthcare outcomes is our DNA. Since 1995, Inpeco’s clinical lab automation systems have been helping to reduce human error and advance medical diagnoses.

With clinical test results behind 70% of all treatment decisions, our solutions help enhance patients’ lives. This inspires us to do our best every day – with knowledge, passion, and precision. We are proud to create a healthier tomorrow, today.

Innovation delivered, today.

Our customer-inspired FlexLab™ Total Lab Automation system is open by design, allowing labs to connect the specialties they need with the analyzers they want, for streamlined workflows.

Combined with ProTube™, our compact automation solution for blood draws, the sample journey becomes fully traceable from the collection point, with secure clinical results for uncompromised patient safety.

We build your automation dream

Automating your lab is easier than you think if you partner with Inpeco. We start from your needs and build a no-compromise solution tailored to your lab, ensuring key stakeholders are included along the way.

Since we invented lab automation in 1995, we have designed and built over 2600 systems for customers in 78 countries. Are you ready to realize your dream with us?

Driven by a patient-centric vision

While delivering solutions today, we innovate for the future. We see value in making verified treatment data accessible to all stakeholders along the patient-care pathway. With over 20 years’ experience in clinical data automation, we are ideally positioned to change healthcare as we know it today and deliver our vision: to support preventive, patient-centric healthcare.