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Anatomical Pathology

Operator guiding solution for complete traceability of histological sample from the collecting point, with innovative and direct control of automated processes.

Paraffin blocks (anatomical Pathology)

Inpeco’s FlexPathTM is a suite of automation products that ensures full sample traceability in Anatomical Pathology laboratories.

FlexPath’s complete automation and traceability is based on 4 pillars:

  • data collection through guided traceability
  • laboratory instrumentation integration
  • automation of non-technical tasks
  • specimen handling

For each of these pillars, Inpeco is developing innovative and futuristic solutions to complete the path of anatomical pathology’s error-free sampling while optimizing efficiency.

Full traceability of the single histology specimen
FlexPath™ manages one by one the specimens, from their collection to the final diagnosis, tracking all the activity done in each processing phase.

Uncompromised instruments integration
FlexPath™ is designed with open connectivity, allowing labs to connect the tools of their choice, toward customer-centric innovation.

Automation of processes
FlexPath™ offers a unique automated solution to completely eliminate non-technical tasks, redistributing only specialized work to the staff, improving workflow,
efficiency and TAT of labs.

Automation of specimen handling
Automated movement of samples between workstations and the final archive eliminates problems of traceability and retrievability, implementing lean workflow management.

Our products:

Inpeco presents the FlexPath™ suite of products, designed to offer complete specimen traceability and the automatic management of the paraffin blocks cycle.

Computer on shuttle showing the product software dashboard for anatomical pathology

FlexPath™ Trace

FlexPath™ Trace is an operator-guiding traceability solution that ensures full chain of custody, from sample collection all the way to the final diagnostics and histological specimen archive.

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Inpeco’s product for anatomical pathology

FlexPath™ Blox

FlexPath™ Blox embedding module automates all steps of the delicate wax embedding phase of histological samples, allowing the operator to fully concentrate on tissue orientation.

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Pneumatic tube for anatomical pathology

FlexPath™ Move

FlexPath™ Move is an innovative, fully automated system to logistically manage paraffin blocks between embedding stations, microtomy and final archiving.

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FlexPath™ Store

The FlexPath™ Store is fully automated paraffin blocks storage module, connected to the laboratory workflow through FlexPath™ Move, to quickly archive and retrieve specimens from and to the working stations, such as microtomy (maximum capacity of 22.000 FFPE blocks).