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FlexPath™ Trace

Traceability in its entirety

Anatomical Pathology   Lab staff sitting in front of PC scanning a sample

A unique and innovative solution that tracks the histological sample from the point of collection and all the way through to diagnosis.


The collection of histological samples and the subsequent transfer to the anatomical pathology laboratory represents the most critical point in the diagnostic pathway of pathologies that are often serious and complex.

For both surgical and ambulatory specimens, the integral collection and transfer of crucial information, such as time of collection, time of fixation, and correct description, are often left to manual transcription or limited by hospital-based management systems (HIS) that are not integrated with laboratory-based management systems (LIS).

FlexPath™ Trace is the solution that ensures a chain of custody for sample data, starting with unique patient identification. FlexPath™ Trace also guides the operator through all processes leading to histological diagnosis, standardizing procedures and  managing samples one by one.

The data collected in this way by FlexPath™ Trace, offers the possibility to refine the protocols of processing, advanced staining, and molecular testing, based on pre-analytical parameters. The same data associated to the sample will be of high value for the subsequent archiving of the sample in biobanks.


Patient Identification

Patient/Specimen verification

Sample Traceability

Sample full Traceability

icone sito At a glance monitoring of TAT (Turn Around Time)

Data Collection

icone sito Better use of lab resources

Operator Guidance


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