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ProTube™ Mobile

100% Traceability to go

ProTube™ Station h

Portable solution designed to facilitate specimen collection in remote points of care by assuring pre-analytical error-free reduction and full sample traceability for maximum patient safety.

Hospitals and labs must guarantee the highest patient care safety standards. Sample collection is one of the most critical phases of the diagnostic process; with more and more points of care outside hospitals, there is less control and the risk of error is higher.

ProTube™ Mobile represents the ideal solution to ensure quality and safety even in unusual conditions. It includes a handheld device and a compact, lightweight printer. Its clever software downloads the patient worklist, helps phlebotomists identify patients, and leads caregivers through every step of the collection process. The Bluetooth printer produces barcode labels in the patient’s presence and the system records the collection time. In short, ProTube™ Mobile guarantees that the correct procedure is followed and sample traceability is ensured from the point of origin, even when the collection is performed outside of collection centers.


icone sito Portable and easy to use Portable and easy to use

Portable and easy to use

icone sito Error free patient identification and sample preparation

Error-free patient identification and sample preparation

icone sito Record of each sample’s collection time

Record of each sample’s collection time

icone sito Seamless sample traceability

Seamless sample traceability


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