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FlexPath™ Move

Automatic sample transport management system

Pneumatic tube transporting paraffin blocks for anatomical pathology

A transportation module that moves FFPE blocks from embedding to microtomy and final archiving.

Thousands of histological tissues or samples are handled within the Anatomic pathology lab on a daily basis.
In order to obtain the diagnosis from the pathologist, the specimens undergo various processing steps at different stages and are handled manually by the laboratory operators. After an initial temporary storage phase, the specimens preserved as paraffine blocks must often be retrieved for additional rework to complete the diagnosis. This process is entirely manual and poorly assisted by logistics information systems.

Why choose FlexPathTM Move

To automate histological sample management and distribution, Inpeco has developed FlexPathTM Move module which consists of automatic loading/unloading stations connected by pneumatic conveyor tubes.

FlexPathTM Move manages the transport of paraffin blocks to microtomy and storage after the embedding phase and ensures automated block retrieval from the storage*, when needed.
Its deliveries are defined depending on tissue type, lab technician’s experience, or case priority.

As a tailor-made solution, FlexPathTM Move offers uncompromised customisation based on laboratory needs.

This modular transportation equipment is supported by Inpeco’s traceability system FlexPathTM Trace.


icon   tailor   anatomical pathology

Tailored to fit any lab layout

icon   increased workflow

Scales for increased workloads

icon for chain of custody for paraffine blocks

Ensures chain of custody for paraffine blocks

icon   cassette with arrows   anatomical pathology

Automates sample distribution logistics, eliminating manual intervention

Discover the innovative FlexPathTM suite, Inpeco’s latest products in automating Anatomical Pathology labs.

Providing complete specimen traceability and process automation throughout the paraffin block cycle, this cutting-edge product line sets a new benchmark in efficiency and accuracy for pathology laboratories worldwide.

FlexPathTM modules:

Circle showing the FlexPath™ Suite with all modules

*FlexPath™ Store coming soon


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