Aptio Automation

Aptio Automation

Bring proven experience and efficiency to total laboratory automation.

Aptio® Automation combines Siemens Healthineers workflow and IT expertise with Inpeco’s innovative automation technologies in flexible, track-based solutions designed to drive lab productivity for years to come. It combines a full complement of pre- and post-analytical sample-processing modules along with comprehensive, open, multidisciplinary analytics including the Atellica® Solution. This solution is exclusively delivered by Siemens Healthineers to address the needs of medium and large labs.

Together, Inpeco and Siemens Healthineers have successfully delivered multidisciplinary, track-based total laboratory automation solutions to customers in more than 50 countries using expertise developed over 20 years of collaboration.

Your Aptio Automation configuration will be designed and validated by a combined team of Inpeco and Siemens Healthineers professionals. From start to finish, your automation project will be managed by a Siemens Healthineers project manager. The process begins with a workflow analysis guided by consultants experienced in Lean and Six Sigma practices to determine the specific system requirements based on laboratory needs. Smooth implementation, a successful go-live, post-installation support services and on-going optimizations are all part of the automation product lifecycle.

Key Features

  • 1100+ workflow consultations performed each year †
  • Smooth implementation process refined during 2000+ projects ‡
  • Successfully connected 600+ non-Siemens analyzers since 2010 §
  • Integrated IT with Atellica Diagnostics IT portfolio

Our Partnership

The collaboration between Inpeco and Siemens Healthineers combines expertise in workflow analysis, project management and ongoing customer support with intelligent clinical diagnostic and automation technologies, to help customers achieve their business and healthcare goals. This alliance between leaders in their respective fields brings enhanced automation features more rapidly to the market for labs that want excellence.
The partnership between Inpeco and Siemens Healthineers - two pioneers in the field of clinical lab automation - has enabled some of the largest automated labs in the world to achieve their production targets, to ensure high-quality results and to support very high throughput. 

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Asterisk Aptio Automation

(†) = Aptio Automation CPE drawings and HCS Health Check engagements ( Jul2016 to Jun2017) - (‡) = Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics shipment and order reports (1998 to May2018) - (§) = Siemens Internal Reports (Jul2010 to Apr2018).