PT Station

ProTube Station

Desktop solution for automating the Sample Collection

ProTube station is a smart and compact unit, easy to install and suitable for any collection point, that assists the phlebotomist in the drawing phase, from patient identification, through tube preparation, tube selection, tube labelling, order review, and sample confirmation.
ProTube station ensures positive patient identification, it automatically receives the prescription and ensures correct tube identification; it prevents errors by automatically labeling tubes in front of the patient and traces every event along the process.
ProTube allows for the highest quality standards in the sample collection process by the combination of an intelligent IT platform that assists in the full workflow, to guarantee an error free process, ready for the hardest Quality Certifications.

It is the ideal solution for outpatient settings such as Blood Collection Centers, GPs and Outpatient Clinics, Ambulances and Occupational Health Mobile Units. 

Discover ProTube at work [video]


  • Reduction of pre-analytical errors
  • Reduction of non-value-added tasks and focus on the patient
  • Multiple Positive Patient ID methods including biometric ID
  • Perfect label application for efficient lab processing
  • Compliant with Lab Standards and Quality requirements


The ProTube station suite can be composed according to the specific needs of the centers, by combining various add-ons around the central engine.

Station Tube

Easy combination, for blood collection. 

Basic features: Positive Patient Identification, right tube identification, automatic label application, tube validation, easy graphic interface, complete guidance for the phlebotomist, possibility to enter patient data during blood collection

Collection Centers >30 draws/day

Station Collect

Combination for blood and non standard containers

Includes all basic features, plus:

possibility of labeling non standard containers, double device backup

Collection centers >30 draws/day

Station Track

Full configuration

Includes all basic features, plus:

possibility of labeling non standard containers, double device backup,

detection of tube loading/unloading in the rack, sample volume check, pre-sorting in the collection point

Collection centers >30 draws/day

Compliance with Standards

The ProTube system is compliant with all major international standards and guidelines and it is FDA registered for the US market and CE IVD marked for EU. The ProTube Software is classified as In Vitro Diagnostics Medical Device.

The overall ProTube System is developed and maintained according to the European Directive 98/79/EC, the International Quality System Standard ISO 13485 and the Quality System FDA Regulation 21 CFR 820.
ProTube offers a simplified and automated way to be complaint with parts of the International standards and guidelines, ISO 15189, CLSI AUTO 12-A and Joint Commission. Main features by each standard:

ISO 15189

Patient identification – ProTube displays all the patient information provided by the LIS 
Primary Sample – ProTube displays type of primary sample
Examinations requested - ProTube displays the requested examinations
Clinical relevant information – ProTube displays any relevant information as provided by the LIS
Time stamp – ProTube keeps trace of date and time of sample collection automatically
Keep trace of the operators – ProTube keeps track of the operators using the system at any time automatically
Instructions for labelling o primary samples – ProTube guides operators throughout the process and avoids mistakes
Instruction for patients preparation – ProTube displays all necessary information
Instructions for sample transportation – ProTube can provide information on sample handling post collection


Joint Commission, National Patient Safety Goals

'Use at least two patient identifiers when providing laboratory services' -  ProTube allows up to  5 different identification methods with any combination of those
'Label containers used for blood and other specimens in the presence of the patient' -  ProTube labels containers in front of the patient automatically



Label size, format, fixing of tubes etc - ProTube is able to print labels in compliance with AUTO12-A for what concerns content and Location, Fonts, and Label Orientation



ProTube is compliant with HL7 standards for the interface to LIS (transactions LAB-61, LAB-62 and LAB-63)