Our solutions for Clinical Laboratories

Our solutions for Clinical Laboratories

Total Testing Process - any step, any specialty. All connected

Inpeco’s uniqueness comes from its expertise in automating and tracking the whole sampling process, before and after entering a Clinical laboratory. The highest quality standards in the laboratory can be affected by a single flawed tube entering the doors. Our Automation and traceability solutions can create a seamless and touchless link throughout all diagnostic steps, from collection to results, delivering unparalleled control over every phase of the process.

Total Testing Process made real. READ more on TTP control.


The test tube’s journey, from collection to result: click on the phase and learn about Inpeco solutions

What makes us unique

  • A complete solution, from collection to result
  • #1 in Clinical Lab automation
  • 20+ years’ experience gained inside clinical labs
  • Widest and deepest process control
  • A vision on Health 4.0