A new FlexLab™ connection coming soon: Hologic’s Panther® System for Molecular diagnostic

Inpeco is working on the development of the first Molecular Diagnostic instrument connection with its Total Lab Automation System

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Inpeco and Hologic have entered into an agreement to develop the connection between Hologic’s Panther® System and FlexLab™, the Inpeco’s Total Laboratory Automation System. The Hologic/Inpeco partnership combines Hologic’s expertise in molecular diagnostic instrumentation and Inpeco’s history and experience in track systems.

The Panther platform is a molecular diagnostics instrument that provides full, sample-to-result automation and increases overall laboratory productivity with random and continuous access, a consolidated menu and the ability to run assays simultaneously. The Panther system is used in blood banks and clinical laboratories all over the world and has a menu that includes testing for sexually transmitted infections, womens health, and viral load monitoring for HIV-1 as well as hepatitis B and C.

This connection will be developed through a pick&place robot that will collect the tube from the main belt and introduce it into the analyzer; from a software perspective the Panther system will be connected both with the Lab Automation system and the Lab Information System, thanks to Inpeco’s proprietary software management tools.

Including the Panther system in the list of Inpeco certified analyzers further reinforces Inpeco’s mission to break down the specialty barriers inside clinical labs; this will be the first Molecular Diagnostic system available for a direct connection on to Inpeco’s Total Lab Automation System.

This link unveils new scenarios to the Clinical professionals, who will be able to run dedicated tests, leveraging the outstanding benefits of a global sample and data management solution, such as the Inpeco FlexLab™: one single check-in point, overall sample traceability, and zero manual interventions.