Abbott Alinity ci-series now available on FlexiLab™

The range of analyzers that can be integrated into a Total Lab Automation system keeps growing

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Inpeco is pleased to announce that the connection of the Abbott Alinity ci-series analyzer to its FlexiLab™ system is now available, thus widening the range of analyzers that can be integrated into a Total Lab Automation system.

This new FlexiLab™ connection allows to automatically feed the analyzer with tubes through a dedicated spur with the analyzer pipetting directly from the sample simply stopped for few seconds over the track.

The connection has been designed to be very efficient, so maintaining the throughput of the analyzer and assuring a fast track of STAT samples.

The Abbott Alinity ci-series consists of compact, scalable clinical chemistry and immunoassay systems to maximize throughput and efficiency. Abbott specifically designed these systems to deliver uniformity across the lab, flexibility to adapt to the changing environment, operational productivity to improve performance and workflow and confidence in systems and performance

This integration of the new Abbott analyzer with the FlexiLab™ system reinforces the partnership of the two players, that aim at delivering outstanding and seamless efficiency to Clinical lab professionals and further enrich the offer of Inpeco connections for all the main specialties of a clinical laboratory.