Gian Andrea Pedrazzini awarded for his outstanding and innovative contribution to Laboratory Medicine

The award was handed over during the 25th International Conference on Laboratory Medicine, in memory of Prof. A. Burlina, that focused on the last quarter century of developments in the discipline

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As part of the celebrations for 25 years in Laboratory Medicine – hosted in the prestigious, ancient auditorium of Padua University – a lifetime achievement award was offered to Gian Andrea Pedrazzini, Inpeco’s president and founder, during the International Laboratory Medicine Symposium.

Pedrazzini was recognized as a crucial contributor to the progress of Clinical Labs by being “able to transform his vision of laboratory medicine into a leading international company that has accompanied the transformation of the sector “, thanks to its innovative robotic systems that automate all routine steps in the lab and make full sample traceability a reality.

“I am very grateful for this recognition” – said a very excited Gian Andrea. “It is an honour for me to receive this prize/award during an event dedicated to the memory of Prof. Burlina, who first proposed the term “Laboratory Medicine” and dedicated his life to improving quality inside clinical laboratories throughout Italy and the world. When I started the adventure of my company I did not have the ambition to change Laboratory Medicine; however, this lifetime achievement award acknowledges the commitment and effort of the Group that I manage to ensure high-quality diagnostic processes and guarantee the best possible patient experience”.