Inpeco is exploring new horizons for its innovation projects

A delegation visited Peking University, a prestigious center known for its research, teaching, and academic presence.

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In partnership with S. Anna School of Advanced Studies and Don Gnocchi Foundation (two leading-edge Italian research institutes), an Inpeco delegation visited the Peking University in December, with the goal of establishing enhanced approaches for shared projects in bio-robotics and advanced laboratory research.

Whereas the two partners have collaboration projects already in place with the Chinese University, this visit for Inpeco was a tremendous opportunity for establishing the first academic relationship in the Far East and for introducing to the Chinese audience the advanced laboratory project that has recently been launched, with S. Anna School.

“Inpeco has innovation in its DNA – comments Andrea Mauri, Head of Global Business Development at Inpeco – and therefore we look with enthusiasm at these new, prestigious collaborations with local partners that open us to exciting international horizons, where we can spread our philosophy: processes security and connected automation, to enhance the capacity of human genius”.