Inpeco joins EFLM’s Pre-Analytical Working Group

Inpeco has become a member of the European experts' community for promoting the importance of good practices in the pre-analytical phase of Laboratory Medicine.

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Inpeco is proud to announce its membership in the European Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine Working Group for the Preanalytical Phase (EFLM WG-PRE), the experts’ commission working on advancing the quality of the preanalytical phase in laboratory medicine.

The working group defines best practices and provides recommendations for improving critical activities in the preanalytical phase, where most of the testing errors occur. Inpeco’s vision has been developed around reducing errors in clinical labs and preaches that the quality of a specimen depends very much on a few, correct procedures that are carried out at the collection point: right patient identification and matching of patient/tube/test, correct and efficient tube labeling and safe specimen transportation, with complete process traceability.

In the pre-analytical area Inpeco has been investing its R&D efforts to develop a solution that dramatically improves the quality of sample generation, the ProTube™ suite, currently in use in over 20 European centers.

“We are honored to be part of the Group, striving for increasing the quality in clinical labs processes and ultimately improving a positive patient experience” – says Bruno Abrantes, Inpeco delegate in the Group. “Inpeco and EFLM are sharing the same dedication for promoting the highest quality standards in laboratory practice; Inpeco can bring a valuable contribution to increasing the awareness for good practices in the pre-analytical phase”.