Total Laboratory Automation expands its boundaries

Inpeco's FlexiLab™ solution can now connect up to 50 different instruments

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Inpeco is pleased to announce the release of the fiftieth integration with third-party Clinical lab analyzers. FlexiLab™ – the Inpeco brand name for the total laboratory automation (TLA) solution – can connect today with a wide range of analyzers, from 24 different manufacturers, representing all the main specialties of the clinical laboratory. TLA now goes beyond the boundaries of the serum area, where Inpeco installed the first track over 20 years ago, as a pioneer in this segment.

One track, many clinical specialties

This range of connections allows the linking, on a single transport and sample management track, of not only chemistry and immunochemistry but also more complex specialties such as immunology, coagulation, hematology, glycated hemoglobin, VES and microbiology.

Not to forget, the available connections to sample transport systems such as conveyor or pneumatic post, which eliminate all contacts between the operator and the sample in the laboratory.

“With this goal, Inpeco once again confirms its strategy in the field of laboratory automation” – says Gigi Minola, Business Unit Manager. “Fifty connections are the result of many years of unique expertise, acquired through contacts with the most important laboratories in the world and thanks to a long-term partnership with our global partners Abbott and Siemens who distribute Inpeco automation in over 60 countries worldwide.”

Today’s investment is safe in time

This variety of connections makes the FlexLab Inpeco solution unique in its kind; in fact, an Inpeco track can integrate newly installed analyzers, as well as those that are already active in the laboratory, with no need to wait for long design and connection times, with the related costs.

In addition, the Inpeco ‘open’ solution allows the laboratory to capitalize on the investment made, since the track is scalable and can replace or increase the number of connections, as the laboratory grows and expands its scope of service (ie: merging with other laboratories or adding new specialties).