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May 30, 2022
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Digitize your Sample Collection Process with ProTube™ Analytix

Inpeco’s ProTube™ Software Platform enables full control of the pre-analytical phase

Inpeco offers cutting-edge automation solutions both for the pre-analytical steps before (with ProTube™) and the analytical steps inside the clinical laboratory (with FlexLab™), enabling increased productivity and full sample traceability from the collection point to the final test results.

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To guarantee full governance of the entire diagnostic process, every step must be tracked. Inpeco’s DAS (Data Analytics System) assures that all relevant data produced along the patient journey, from the medical prescription to patient results, are collected. The powerful software platform processes and parses data in real time to monitor the full workflow and provide insightful dashboards, graphs and KPIs, regarding both FlexLab™ and ProTube™. Gathering reliable data throughout the entire process is of paramount importance to generate trustworthy results.

Evidence from medical literature says that 62% of all diagnostic errors occur during the pre-analytical phase*. Mistakes like incorrect tube filling (13%), wrong patient identification (9%), or using inappropriate containers (8%) have a big impact on clinical outcomes, potentially causing misdiagnosis or inappropriate treatments for patients and higher costs for the lab. Consequently, the accuracy of clinical test results is greatly influenced by the quality of the incoming samples.

The ProTube™ Suite, Inpeco’s smart solution for the collection point, guarantees the veracity of the data from the beginning of the process and “lab ready” samples of impeccable quality. It assures positive patient identification, verifies the right match between patient and tube, applies perfect tube labels in front of the patient, and ensures the optimal order of blood draw.
All information related to the pre-analytical phase is securely managed by ProTube™ Analytix, part of the DAS solution, which transforms data into valuable insights for predictive analytics and process optimization.

Examples of dashboards and KPIs

The data available in ProTube™ Analytix can be visualized from different perspectives according to the needs of key stakeholders, like the Phlebotomist, the Lab Director, the Quality Manager, or the Finance Manager. Data can be also be analysed using different filters like patient ID, order number, sample ID, or phlebotomist ID for maximum versatility.Let’s have a look at some examples of KPIs and dashboards available in ProTube™ Analytix.

1. Sample collection monitoring – by time and location

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Feature: This KPI shows the distribution of the specimen collection process by location over time.It indicates the number of patients treated and the number of samples collected by the different workstations, during a given time frame defined by the user (day / week/ month/year)

Benefit: Helps to identify potential workload peaks, in order to optimize resource allocation and improve overall efficiency.


2. Sample collection monitoring – by type

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Feature: this KPI looks at the number of sample collections by specimen type (blood, urine and others), reporting also the total number of tubes and containers used.

Benefit: Enables the Collection Manager to dynamically organize collection point logistics, for example deciding on the workstations’ opening and closure times.


3. Order status monitoring

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Feature: this KPI indicates the status of each patient’s orders (Completed, Cancelled, Pending).

Benefit: Informs the clinical laboratory in advance about the workload coming from the various collection points, which makes it easier to guarantee smooth and efficient sample processing.


4. Single patient history

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Feature: This timeline shows the pre-analytical history of every patient, from patient identification (check-in) to sample check-out. This dashboard includes traceability data such as the total sample collection time, phlebotomist ID, workstation/location, number and type of samples, as well as the sampling time.

Benefit:  All events related to a patient are always available in a single consolidated dashboard. This is in compliance with quality standards such as the Medical Laboratory Accreditation ISO 15189:2012.


5. Number of non-conformities

Feature: The system detects the number of non-conformities during the collection process, such as the mismatch between tube and patient, based on cap colour and tube length recognition.

Benefit: All pre-analytical steps are clearly identified and tracked. As each phlebotomist logs in before the process starts, it is possible to trace exactly who did what and when. Monitoring this KPI helps to spot irregularities and plan corrective actions, such as a specific training courses for certain phlebotomists.

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The ProTube™ Analytix brings traceability and ownership to the collection process through digitization. All steps of the pre-analytical phase are constantly kept under control, leading to higher lab productivity, less human errors and increased patient safety. If you are interested in learning more, please contact our experts.

*Paolo Carraro, Mario Plebani, “Clinical Chemistry, Errors in stat laboratory – Types and frequency 10 years later”, Oxford University Press 1/7/2007