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February 10, 2020
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Data Origin is essential for Clinical Labs

Clinical laboratories have a wealth of data but underutilize their strength if sample traceability is missing.

Data source is an electronic record indicating where data originates, and it can be used to trace what happens during its lifetime, and how it moves through the analytical system. It can be used to explain the transformation of data, and everything that occurs throughout the specimen lifecycle, from its creation to the final output.

In the healthcare industry, data source is gaining more and more importance: clinical labs, biobanks and anatomy pathology labs host and manage the richest source of both current and historical medical data on a large living population. Consequently, they represent an immense archive of health indicators, which can be analyzed multiple times based on various research keys and models.

From the perspective of a top administrator, the amount of health data generated by the tubes in the clinical lab is pure gold.

Prof. Luca Pani

Data Origin is essential for Clinical Labs

Only labs with a biometrically identified, non-infringed chain of custody can ensure that the right test is performed on the right patient using the right tube. The availability of metadata (where/when/who collected, etc..), together with test results, offers an unparalleled opportunity to understand sample conditions and trace back the original cause of any unexpected event. Professionals working in pathology, laboratory and pharma research need to keep up to date with changes in the industry and become more conscious of the veracity and validity of the data they are using.

To ensure that the right test is performed on the right patient using the right tube, all lab procedures need to be highly automatized, traceable and fully compliant with all the latest standards. Moreover, the next generations of doctors must be familiar with these topics and upgrade their knowledge on the chain of custody with regard to samples, data, and processes.

Professor Luca Pani, MD, Inpeco Chief Scientific Officer, explains this comprehensively in a short interview

Inpeco’s game-changing automation solutions have been designed with these principles in mind. Combined, Inpeco ProTube™ and Inpeco FlexLab™ assure full sample traceability from the collection point to the final result in the lab – for Total Testing Process security.