“I was already familiar with Task Targeted Automation but I soon realized that a Total Laboratory Automation was the only way to achieve the best quality whilst increasing the workload”

Dr. Germano de Sousa
Head of Centro de Medicina Laboratorial | Lisbon (Portugal)


"I am impressed at the comprehensiveness of Inpeco solutions for clinical labs and beyond. This company really approaches specimen management from a holistic perspective, not just automation for tubes"

Aurea Mira Vallet
Director of Centro de Diagnóstico Biomédico, CDB | Barcelona (Spain)


"In litigation with the Lab, for example if a tube gets lost, the check-out provided by ProTube is my evidence. If I pick the wrong test tube, the instrument sends a message. It doesn't miss my oversight!"

Phlebotomist at Pathology Lab, University Hospital | Siena (Italy)

"For our Department, integrating Microbiology into the Core Lab platform has meant consolidating the quality assurance of results. A single check-in point for the entire lab was a big step forward; this has enabled a reduction in the staff engaged in pre-analytical activities without added value."

Dr. Giorgio Da Rin
Head of Hospital Laboratory Medicine Lab | Bassano (Italy)