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Inpeco is offering research grants, as part of a MIUR project dedicated to digital healthcare and automation

May 14th, 2018

As part of a National Sponsorship program on competitive research supported by MIUR (Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research), Inpeco is offering 2 grants focusing on innovative aspects of healthcare technology such as: research and development of robotized sample management systems, integration techniques of digital services for diagnostics (high-throughput sequencing, proteomics, genetic profiling); analysis and visualization of biomedical big data.

The educational project has a financial coverage linked to the Directorial Decree Prot. No. 255 / Ric. May 30th, 2012 (Final grading approval with the score of the Smart Cities and Communities Design Ideas and the Directorial Decree Prot. N. 370 / Ric. June 26th, 2012) and will last 18 months.

Details about the job @here and application instructions @this link