key features - main title

  • 27,000

    site extension in sqm
  • 450

    employees on site
  • 40%

    energy from renewal sources
  • 37 tons

    CO2 emissions avoided/year
  • 400

    customers' visits/year

The site

In Val della Torre (a handful of kilometers from Turin and the Alps, in Italy) the Inpeco plant churns the automation systems that are distributed all over the world. Here, all resources dedicated to Inpeco's manufacturing operations work together with a part of R&D and the Testing teams.

The plant is our ‘green heart’ not only for its breathtaking surroundings but also for its low-impact powering solutions (energy-class building 'A', with solar photovoltaic system, automated lighting systems and solar protection with sensors). The beauty of the site is our continuous inspiration for ingenious and winning solutions.

The location is a true discovery experience for all of the guests who visit it; every year we welcome clinical professionals, IVD vendors, universities, and institutions from all over the world to share insights into what’s new beyond automation, discuss projects, deliver dedicated hands-on training.  By interacting with our R&D specialists, understanding our test activities, and touching new developments in progress, our guests can grasp the scope of Inpeco’s offer and the extension of our experience. 

Insights into the factory

A sneek peek inside the production unit

Automation and traceability principles applied to our operations; thanks to the 'F21 project' the factory has adopted a customer-driven approach to enhance its supply chain efficiency.

Industry 4.0 at Inpeco

Inpeco is updating its operations in Val della Torre site with advanced manufacturing solutions, based on the Industry 4.0 principles.

Val della Torre, the green heart of production

A tour into the Inpeco manufacturing unit, where efficiency and sustainability standards get together in harmony, according to the most modern criteria of environmental impact.